Natural vacuum sealing

Healthy lazy gourmet.

This is the best short turn method to preserve freshly cooked food:

- easy to make at home with no special procedure

- jars are used( no contact of the hot food with plastic)

- vacuum sealed( naturally by itself from the heat difference while cooling down)

- not sterilized

- keeps the qualities of freshly cooked food for up to 2 weeks

- gives a chance to diversify your menu, or to have a day without cooking


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Quince Chunks

This recipe is actually a quince baklava`s spin off – it is the baklava`s inside baked in chunks.

Coming up with a name for those appeared to be a real problem. First the name came as “quince balls” which naturally kinda explain what they are. “Quince energy balls” was also circulating around, but then an enthusiastic friend made a cynical remark that those balls look quite “hairy”.

The name “Quince hairy balls” immediately stuck.

That`s when things began to get out of hand. In the next days serious questions began to pop up- like “who`s QUEEN”, “what balls” and WTF am I even talking about.

Trying a simple explanation that those are just QUINCE( you know) balls made out of SCRATCH only complicated things further.

So… A new approach for naming those bastards was urgently needed, into the direction obviously of simplifying it back to the core.


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Coconut Banana Pie

Really hard to stop after the first piece, this light pie comes fully packed with awesome fruit flavors and gooshy chewiness you just don`t believe THIS can be part of the reality.

Even a very little taste should be given ONLY to highly disciplined individuals after assurances they can physically restrict themselves… From eating the whole goddamn thing. WHILE preparing to bake another one. I`ve seen it.

Many times I`ve seen it doing this to good, reasonable people. They are all lost now, don`t want to even look at a pumpkin pie again or whatever.

One last thing- the base layer of this recipe is really close to a TREASURE( so focus now and you`d better recognize)- unorthodox French pastry dough that is veeery easy to make and works for all kind of sweet or salty pies (thanks to David Lebovitz and Paule Caillat for providing that one).


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