Energy bar “BANAMAK”

Banamak in farsi means a person who you find very “sweet”, but it literally translates as “salty”.

So enjoy this sweet and salty energy bar, created after a summer that never ends.


pinch safran

1/2 tsp rose water

50 gr almond( raw)

40 gr cashew ( baked and salted)

60 gr pistachio( raw)

60 gr raisins

120 gr dates

40 gr cranberries( dry)

30 gr puffed rice

15 gr orange jam


1. First the safran is grinded in a mortar and then soaked in the rose water.

2. The ingredients are blended( in food processor or blender) in the given order. At the end the speed of blending is going progressively down to very slow until kind of a dough forms.

3.  The dough is pressed and cut in desired shape or made into balls.

Store in an airtight container( in room temperature) for up to 2 months.






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