Quince Chunks

This recipe is actually a quince baklava`s spin off – it is the baklava`s inside baked in chunks.

Coming up with a name for those appeared to be a real problem. First the name came as “quince balls” which naturally kinda explain what they are. “Quince energy balls” was also circulating around, but then an enthusiastic friend made a cynical remark that those balls look quite “hairy”.

The name “Quince hairy balls” immediately stuck.

That`s when things began to get out of hand. In the next days serious questions began to pop up- like “who`s QUEEN”, “what balls” and WTF am I even talking about.

Trying a simple explanation that those are just QUINCE( you know) balls made out of SCRATCH only complicated things further.

So… A new approach for naming those bastards was urgently needed, into the direction obviously of simplifying it back to the core.


1 cup quince jam( recipe coming up soon)

2 cups dates( cleaned)

1 cup walnuts( freshly baked)

pinch each cinnamon, cloves, star anice, cardamon ( freshly grounded)


Mix all and make with your hands into chunks.

Put them on baking paper and dry them in the oven on 70°C for 3-4 hours.








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