Natural vacuum sealing

Healthy lazy gourmet.

This is the best short turn method to preserve freshly cooked food:

- easy to make at home with no special procedure

- jars are used( no contact of the hot food with plastic)

- vacuum sealed( naturally by itself from the heat difference while cooling down)

- not sterilized

- keeps the qualities of freshly cooked food for up to 2 weeks

- gives a chance to diversify your menu, or to have a day without cooking



This method works only with boiled foods.

1. Cook something( meals with more liquid( like stews, soups etc.) vacuum seal better than dry ones( like boiled rice)).

2. Immediately after the meal is taken down from the fire- pour it in jars and screw the lids tight.

That`s all.

The only important thing to create vacuum in the jars is to work very quickly while the food is still very very hot.

While the jars slowly cool down- a vacuum is naturally created from the temperature difference making compression under the sealing.

When the jars cool down to room temperature- put them in the refrigerator.

Check if a good vacuum is created by knocking on the lids.

3. Keep the jars in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.


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