Grow your own. Even in winter, even in the city.

How to grow 50% of your food during the winter in just few glass jars, using a very simple technique.

Why eating sprouts- because their health benefits are UNMACHED by any other food, especially in the winter months when the body is strongly depleted of vital elements.


Seeds and nuts for sprouting can be found in special shops or online. But any seeds for cooking (if they are fresh and good quality) will sprout. If they don’t sprout- something is wrong with them and should be avoided even for cooking.


1. Soak the seeds by putting them in a jar and pouring water over them. Soak them overnight.

2. Put a net( like a piece of mosquito net) on the top of the jar, fix it on place with a rubber band. Remove the water. Leave the jar laying on a plate( the plate will collect the extra water dripping out from the jar). Make sure the bottom of the jar is a little higher than the opening- this is the MOST important part- so that the extra water can drip out from the jar and the seeds are wet just enough, but not too much.

3. Every day wash the sprouts 2 times( morning and night). This is absolutely important so they don`t get mold. Washing is really easy with the fixed net on top and takes few seconds- just pour water in and then out.

4. Start using them for a salad as soon as they start to sprout- after 2-3 days. When they a fully grown after 5-6 days you can put them in the fridge to stop the process.


Best seeds for sprouting:

Mung dhal beens- all times favorite- big and easy to handle seed that produce very big, juicy and crunchy sprouts. Fully develop in 5-6 days, but can start eating them when they are still small- after 2-3 days.

Sunflower seeds- very tasty, extremely fast to sprout- fully ready in 2-3 days.

Broccoli seeds- number one sprouts for health benefits, containing unique elements.

Turnip seed- most delicious and very healthy.

Mustard seeds- slow to sprout( 4-5 days) but so yummy.

Fenugreek seeds- the quickest to sprout( 2 days) and with a nice mushroom flavor.


Have fun sprouting:)




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