Raw Baklava

Zero sugar sushi style raw baklava- a true rainbow extravaganza, misty legend among camping communities and just to put it in a nutshell- a nomad`s dream:)

And no- it is NOT VEGAN, there is actually some bee honey inside. So all of the vegan crusaders can very well back the fuck off, there is not enough for everybody ANYWAYZ.


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Original pechen.bg

recipe from the series


…the reflected light of the abundance…


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halva „White Walker“


Iranian flavored halva with rose water and saffron. ZERO SUGAR- sweetened with dates and honey, this exquisite halva( a.k.a.- energy bar) gives those good old slow releasing carbohydrates that will keep you going for hours.

Walking the streets of Iran, every few minutes the foreign traveler is hearing friendly and playful greetings- usually starting “Hey mister…”.

I feel so “White” when somebody calls me “Mister”, almost out of guilt I`m usually at least pointing out my Bulgarian origin- clearing my image of any Imperial dark side. The least I can do, you know.

So that`s how the name “White Walker” came- trying to create a powerful, full nutrition, 100% natural goodies, healthy snack- to just keep up with the shocking for any European friendly mood in Iran:)


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If you a going on a dangerous adventure with uncertain end and slim chances of survival- like populating Mars or other similarly sexy endeavour, of course you gonna need a serious bunch of flapjacks.

Made with barley( no fucking oats here), added some extra dry fruits and nuts, with NO SUGAR ADDED- these little bitches might be the best shit you EVER brought with you from the good ol` mother Earth.


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